Saturday, June 26, 2010

So who made the universe anyway?

My first blog says:
For some, the source of all things is God. Asked whether God is the cause or source of himself, they will answer that it doesn’t work like that, and in any case, this is dangerous talk, sacrosanct, and a matter of belief. Perhaps they are right, and the source of all things is God. Perhaps not. But belief does not in and of itself make you right.
When I wrote this, I started looking to see who says what about it. I came across this page by the Creationists, who have a lovely blog. They say:
The implications of various 20th century discoveries have put atheists in an awkward position. Logic now requires that they identify an uncontrolled mechanism by which the universe could have initiated, designed, created and developed itself without an Intelligent Director. Otherwise, intellectual honesty requires the necessity of a Creator God.
Now, I'm not arguing against there being a God. But I must say that my work identifies a principle that is immune to rational doubt, and the condition of the world that this principle models does all the things that the Creationists demand. Consequently, if they cannot rationally find a hole in my argument (good luck!) then, by their own mouth, intellectual honesty requires them to cross over. What are they crossing over to? I don't know because there isn't a name for it yet. It isn't atheism, for that is a belief system that falls short of absolute knowledge. What is it when you prove something absolutely? It stops being an -ism, but this doesn't seem to have happened before, so we don't have a word for it. I'm open to suggestions.

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